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1. Gait robot, body supporting , 2.Gait training, passive and active training ,3.Treadmill training .
Operation platform: 14 inches laptop with Win7 and dikaryon. Human-computer interface: double displayers which the laptop displayer is used for therapist operation and the projector displayer is used for patient’s virtual training. Virtual scene training: training scene makes patient feel himself on the scene. Game training reduces the treatment baldness the most. Virtual scene can be updated freely. Walking mode: simulate human physiological gait which including initial velocity, acceleration and deceleration.
Adaptation diseases
Patients need lower limbs rehabilitation whose lower limbs are powerless and spasm caused by bone joints and nervous system diseases. Such as : Apoplexy, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cerebral palsy(CP), Parkinson’s disease, Spinal cord injury(SCI), Traumatic brain injury(TBI)
Inner using prosthesis(such as replacement of total hip), Lower limbs degenerative joint disease(such as knee joint degenerative osteoarthritis), Spinal muscular atrophy, Muscle weakness caused by poor sports, Hemiplegic patients, Paraplegic patients .
Equipped with Panasonic servo motor which controls each joint’s motion angle and walking speed accurately. Active and passive training. Driven force is soft and adjustable. The gait offset can be adjusted basing on patient’s gait feature. Spasm detection and protection.
Body weight supporting system:
Static supporting is used for lifting patient vertically which makes it easier for patient to stand up from wheel chair. Dynamic supporting is used for adjusting the supporting weight during gait term. Synchronous treadmill: The speed is synchronous which is adjusted in real time basing on robot’s walking speed.
• Min speed is 0.1KM/H which is suitable for rehabilitation training.
• Buffering runway protects knee and ligament.
• Virtual reality technology: The training scene makes patient feel himself on the scene.
• Game training reduces the treatment baldness the most.
• Software function: Build patient database, record treatment information and program.
• The treatment program is adjustable during treatment.
• The force curve and joint motion range are displayed in real time.
Gait robot – Guidance force was soft and adjustable(1%-100%), Imported servo motor, simulate normal physiological gait, control walking speed and motion range of each joint angle accurately, real-time to adjust gait offset value. Can do active& passive training, Spasm detection and protection. The cushion depth on back and hip are adjustable Standing training.
Safety components:
• Emergency stop switch to ensure patient’s safety, • Emergency release device, let patients down safely when power outages
Software features: • Virtual reality technology, • Scene interaction, increase proprioception input, improve patient’s training interest
Training setting
Set joint motion scope, gait offset value, spasm sensitivity, guidance force and display treatment strength
Tracking & evaluation
In real time, track and display the motor torque size on left and right leg, stress, instantaneous value of angle.

MODEL No: ROB 200 (A3)

Additional information



Power Input:

AC220V, 50Hz

Rated power:


Protective tube specification:

3.15A /250V

Patient height:


Patient weight:

135 Kg

Leg length adjustable range:

Thighbone rotor to knee: 34~46cm

Knee to ankle:


Joint motion range:

hip: 30~50 °
knee: 50~80 °

Driven force setting:


Training speed:


Treatment time:

1~99 minutes

Spasm sensitivity:

low, middle, high

Gait offset:

10 degrees for adjusting 23 inches liquid crystal dis player