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Originally developed for professional sports and rehabilitation, the SPRINTEX slat-belt treadmills let your clients run in their most natural, undistorted form. Conventional treadmills create a stop effect between the belt surface and the running surface (dynamic friction) when the foot lands, directing a significant portion of the landing energy back into joints. This negative effect can cause unnecessary strain and the effect increases as the client’s weight goes up or the running speed increases. Slat technology does not permit any dynamic friction since the majority of the landing energy is absorbed by a special combination of rubber pads with air channels, free-floating slats, dampened drive belts and approx. 120 high-tech ball bearings. The landing energy is transformed into rolling friction. SPRINTEX slat-belt treadmills are therefore the ideal choice for sensible training that promotes endurance and health with maximum protection for our joints. The SPRINTEX ORTHO is the treadmill that we recommend for gait analysis but we also offer other treadmills for rehabilitation and fitness training.
Technical Data- Standard Device
Slat-belt running surface: 155 cm x 50 cm., Displays for Speed, time, Distance & Pulse, Pulse measurement via POLAR chest strap, Double- sided, ergonomically shaped railing for a secure fit and safe access, Emergency off switch with magnet, Permanent marking of the tread center, Switch to reverse direction (Reverse Switch).

MODEL No: STR-1000-1

Additional information

Model No:


Running surface:

Slat belt treadmill s²ap Sprintex – shock absorbing profile, center marker, tread brake

Surface measurements:

172 cm x 50 cm [L x W]

Step height:

Approx. 28 cm


From 0 km/h up to 17


Speed, time, distance, pulse

Max. Capacity:

Up to 160 kg


172 cm x 76 cm x 130 cm [L x W x H]


60 cm width of running surface, special running surface 180 x 50 cm (L x W)
Variable speed: 0 km/h to 20 km/h
Switch for reversing: the running direction (reverse)
Gradient continuous, electronically adjustable from 0% to 15 %
Gradient continuous, electronically adjustable from 0% to 20 %
Height and width adjustable hand rails
Variable arm pit supports (height and lateral adjustment)
Video railing especially for cameras (left/right
2 Railing for walk- through system
Touch terminal, Range of RAL colors
Custom made models.