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Thermo mix

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F-40 – A device for melting fango-paraffin mass for thermal therapy procedures and keeping it at a set temperature. Consists of a tank for fango paraffin mass with a cover heating elements under its bottom and on its side wall, structure rests on a supporting frame with two legs fitted to the working table, mixer equipped with an automatic mixing arm which is started every few minutes to maintain even temperature of the mass in the container and protects the mass from delaminating. Heated drain valve of the mixer prevents the mass from congealing. Working parameters are presented on large display placed on portable panel. Electronic controller.

mass is stored on trays (14) placed inside the heating unit
coil heater with the air flow fan allowing for maintenance of a specific temperature
unit rests on a supporting frame placed on four legs
corrosion-resistant steel elements (easy to clean)
housing made of rolled stainless steel sheet
working parameters presented on large display placed on portable panel
electronic controller enables programming of the following functions:
Constant work: maintenance of a specific temperature between 25 and 80° C
Daily cycle: time of the heating cycle (on/off) repeated daily
Start in: individually set delayed operation (“weekend”) program

Model No. F-40/C-14

Additional information



Temperature range:


Power supply:

230 V / 50 Hz

Working volume of container:

14 trays size 400 x 600 mm

Power consumption:

Max. 2,3 kW


99 kg