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The Moove Sport is a mobile system for athletic re-athletics, with 1 air and water generator. Our device has 1 program with all of its modifiable parameters.

This recognized therapy combining cryotherapy by ice water and air compression allows to reduce pain by two, to accelerate healing and thus offers a faster resumption of physical activity.

The Moove sport will optimize your return to the field, it will be an essential aid to your sports deadlines and your ally for recovery.

The Moove sport concerns the following indications:

Trauma management – Muscle preparation and recovery – Re-athletics – Heavy legs etc …

Ice water passes through the splint, in combination with continuous or alternating air pressure so that the skin temperature drops from 30 ° C to 6 ° C on average, which will relieve the treated area and accelerate recovery while limiting medication intake and promoting range of motion.

Recommendations: 1 to 3 times a day for 30 minutes. For a better recovery, it is advisable to maintain the effects of the cold as soon as you leave the clinic.

Performance: the Moove sport model offers sustained pressure whose objective is to treat deep planes, alternating pressure to promote recovery and allow drainage of inflammation.

Effectiveness: The intense cold immediately relieves and blocks the inflammatory process. This technology is used in preparation to increase endurance and recovery to drain toxins.

10 to 30 minutes of treatment is enough to relieve, revive exchanges, drain and relax the muscle area.

Simplicity: The chilled water tank can be prepared in the freezer to extend the duration of the treatments. Our device works on mains or on battery (5 hours). It can be supplied with a transport bag.

Medial Cryotherapy Device; Class II a, LNE / GMED 0459

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Number of programs: 1 with all modifiable parameters
Equipment included: knee / elbow splint + 2 meter extension
Unloaded weight: 2.5 kg
Weight filled with water: 5 kg

Operating temperature

1 ° C to 40 ° C
Dimensions: 290 H x 240 lx 390 L
Water circulation: continuously or in 5 s / 30 s steps
Navigation: dual navigation (touch screen + navigation arrows)

Automatic water flow regulation

mode automatic regulation of the water temperature (patent pending) AUTO FUNCTION: patient comfort on insertion pathologies

Pressure type

constant or dynamic with the possibility of adjusting the level of high pressure and low pressure as well as holding times from 0 to 75 mmHg from 5 to 60 seconds.

Water tray

independent and can be put in the freezer.