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4 Channel Electotherapy



Electra delivers different types of currents suited for most of the therapy of painful syndromes or circulatory troubles, and for invigorating or hypertrophying treatment through passive gymnastics, and rehabilitation of normal innervated and/or denervated muscular tissues.

Diadynamic Current assures the success of the treatment of painful inflammatory conditions of muscles, articulations, peripheral nerves and, in the sporting medicine, the rapid resolution of traumas and hematomas.
Faradic Current which allows the stimulation of norm innervated muscles in every treatment.
Pulse Current, that thanks to a constant increment of the intensity respect the time, can be used for the stimulation of partially innervated or denervated muscles. Direct Current, that can be delivered singularly or mixed with diadynamic, faradic and pulse current, makes Electra useful for the galvanization, the galvanic bath, Iontophoresis administration of drugs.

Bipolar Current it allows the use for the invigorating and rehabilitative muscular stimulation. The symmetrical bipolarity of the stimulating waves improves the sensory acceptability of the stimulation, due to the soft perception of the delivered currents, avoiding other drawbacks to the electrolytic action of the monopolar stimulation.

Inferential Current they assure the transfer of low frequency antalgic or motor stimulating current to deep tissue levels, though the aid of higher frequencies that reduce the cutaneous impedance with consequent diminution of problems of irritation of the epidermis.The section Diagnosis allows to carryout the evaluation of the figures of rheobase, cronaxy, accommodation and the strength/duration diagram.

• Wide range of present protocols
• Customized programs
• Planning sequence of treatment phases each channel allowed
• Completely independent channels
• Methods of safety control with deactivation of the output current in case of accidental detachment of the electrodes


Additional information



Max output pulse current :

70 (mA)

Max output voltage :

100 (Vdc)

Max output direct current :

30 (mA)

Electrical input power :

70 (VA)

Dimensions :

390 x 315 x 170 mm

Weight :

4 kg.

Power supply :

90-240/50-60 (Vac/Hz)