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The Chattanooga DuraStick Premium Electrodes are superior conductivity electrodes that provide optimal current dispersion with low impedance. The pliable materials conform to irregular body contours. Properly prepared and placed electrodes increase the efficiency of the electrical current while allowing for less discomfort from the treatment. Chattanooga DuraStick Premium Electrodes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs. The Blue Gel Electrodes contain a non-irritating conductive gel for sensitive skin and superior conform ability.
Stainless Steel Electrodes: Superior conductivity. Unmatched electrode conformity – pliable material conforms to irregular body contours yet still maintains superior conductivity properties.
Blue Gel Electrodes: Multi-layer adhesive gel that optimally bonds to the electrode layer and mesh (scrim) layer. Gel is formulated to provide multiple applications to sensitive skin.
Style & Size:
Code: 42209: 50 x 50 mm /Square / (4 per pack)
Code: 42211: 50 x 50 mm /blue gel /Square/ (4 per pack)
Code: 42210: 50 x 90 mm/ Rectangle/ (4 per pack)
Code: 42212: 40 x 90 mm /blue gel / Rectangle (4 per pack)
Code:42205: 32 mm /Round /(4 per pack)
Code: 42206: 50 mm/ Round/ (4 per pack)
Code: 42207: 40 x 60 mm / Oval/(4 per pack)
Code: 42208: 80 x 130 mm/ Oval (2 per pack)