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Oncology, chemo chair


Dialysis chair, back, seat and foot part consists of 3 main parts. With 4 DC motor commanded by hand control, it is able to make up / down, height adjustment, foot part up / down and trendelenburg / reverse trendelenburg movements. It can be disassembled and fitted and there is a cramping step and head section in desired level. Cramp step 10 cm to prevent cramps during dialysis. and can be adjusted according to the patient size. The headgear can be adjusted to the size of the patient. A nape cushion is provided with the seat. Thus, patient comfort was prioritized. The seat is made of artificial leather which can be wiped without smudges, it is covered with liquid absorbing material, it is easy to clean, hygienic, it will not cause sweating and itching in long sessions and it will not burn easily. The sponge used in the upholstery is visco-elastic and designed to take the shape of the body by spreading the pressure of the patient over a wide area and does not prevent the micro blood circulation. The abs cover outside the seat is designed to stay inside the floor and prevents dirt and dirt between the floor and the plastic. The arm parts can be adjusted in the desired direction, the movement of the back part of the seat in the correct ratio does not disrupt the parallelism to the ground. The main body (chassis) of the device is made of safe toppling. Chassis mainframe frame 14 mm. made of hair and lifting system mounted on a 20 mm steel plate carrier. Panamera can be used in dialysis chair, dialysis, oncology, chemotherapy, rehabilitation, blood collection and plasmapheresis treatment procedures. Optional TV, dining table and serum strap can be attached. Thanks to 4 lockable wheels, it can be fixed and easily transported at any place.

Model No. DC- 04 S

Additional information


DC-04 S


Maximum height: 750mm
Minimum height: 550mm
Back section: 70º
Leg section: 35º
Тrendelenburg : 13º
ReverseTrendelenburg: 5º
Maximum weight: 180kg