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This model is identical in characteristics to those described in the previous section but is specially designed for Osteopaths and Physiotherapist since in addition to the cervical, dorsal, lumbar and thoracic drops it has a drop in the area of ankle.

The upholstery is high quality marine type, easily washable with a composition of 80% PVC and 20% polyester and with a wide variety of colors available. The color of the upholstery should be selected at the time of placing the order. The assembly has a quality finish with electrostatic painting in the oven. The standard color of the stretchers is grayish white. Each stretcher has two drive pedals as standard for raising and lowering it, which gives great comfort when making movements. Electromechanical actuator for height adjustment of the stretcher. Reliable and silent. The stretcher has no installation. Simply plug it into a 220 Vac socket with grounding and adjust the leveling feet.

This multi function head has two tilting movements with opposite axes. These motions allow to vary the height of the head with respect to the plane of the stretcher so that the patient is more comfortable when in a lateral decubitus position, allowing the head to be aligned with the spine. To make the cervical flexion movement in a very comfortable way, there is a hydraulic cylinder with push-button unlocking. In this way, when the button is pressed, the multi function head can be positioned at the desired angle. Likewise, pressing and holding the button permanently allows us to perform a cervical flexion (COX) function. The head has a manually operated toggle drop with hardness adjustment using a knob on the left side. In any of the angles in which the head is positioned, the drop can be activated.For patient comfort, the separation of the head support cushions is adjustable to adapt it to the patient’s face. The multi function head has a position for the paper roll and a guillotine at the opposite end for a homogeneous cut. Guidance of the paper is performed with a central rod between the two cushions.


The stretcher has up to three drops distributed by the main body. These are: thoracic, lumbar and pelvic On stretchers with four drops, there are two types depending on their movement: on the one hand the thoracic and lumbar drops produce a vertical movement while the pelvic drops are with angular movement. The actuation of these drops is carried out very comfortably by the foot. The activation of the drops can be done in any position of inclination of the cushion in the case of pelvic drop. Each pedal has anti-slip systems to avoid possible accidents on the part of the doctor. The drops have tension adjustment knobs on both sides of the stretcher for greater comfort. The client can choose the number of intermediate drops he wants on his stretcher. The cervical drop is always present in all configurations.

Stretcher working height can be regulated using a reliable and silent electromechanical actuator, managed by a control box that integrates the drive pedals.
Each stretcher has as standard two pedals for the electric rise and fall of the table. Each one can be located on both sides of the stretcher for a comfortable performance by the professional.. This series GV-II FD has two height options of minimum position and two vertical motions: HIGH y LOW. To be chosen by customer

HIGH: goes from 620 mm to 920 mm , LOW: goes from 510 mm to 710 mm

In each of the above height versions you can choose the motion bending mode of the stretcher between: MANUAL or AUTOMATIC





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L170-187 X W 61.5 X H 52.5 – 72.5CM